Judith Pugh Gallery

Judith Pugh, art dealer and writer

The Judith Pugh Gallery is a virtual gallery that materialises from time to time for specific exhibitions, most recently at Sydney's Danks St, with Cath Phillips's textile work. Images from that exhibition are above.

Judith believes that art is about communication, not investment, and the people who buy work from her rarely sell it. She thinks that good art is made through an artist's lived experience. She lived with the artist Clifton Pugh during the 1970s: his Australian dealer, Rudy Komon, learned from the artists in his stable, and respected their judgement; Judith does the same with hers. Clifton Pugh's London dealer, André Kalman, is quoted on the Crane Kalman website saying his clients are

"people old and young who, perhaps returning from a hard day at the office, like to relax and contemplate a painting, drawing or sculpture that conjures up something they have experienced or which moves them by the beauty of its colours or composition and the skill and passion of its execution." Judith's clients, like André's, take pleasure in the beauty of, or are intellectually stimulated by, the images and ideas in the paintings, sculpture or prints they have bought.

Judith is also a writer. She published the children's book Wombalong with Clifton Pugh in 1974. Her memoir Unstill Life (Allen & Unwin) is about the time she spent in the 1970s with Clifton Pugh and his friends such as Albert Tucker, Fred Williams and John Brack.

Most recently she collaborated with Malcolm Beazely to produce a Rose anthology to raise money for the Rose Gardens of the Old Parliament House in the federal capital, Canberra. She is currently researching the history of the Historic Memorials Committee and the Commonwealth Art Advisory Board for a doctorate in politics at La Trobe University.

If you want to buy work displayed on the website, or to know more about her artists, please contact Judith by joining the following words together: art at judith pugh gallery; and substituting @ for the word at.